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Boston Early Music Festival: June 9-16, 2013

Summary of the Plot

Download the full Almira Synopsis

Almira is crowned Queen of Castile by her guardian, Consalvo. Fernando, a foreigner of obscure birth and secretary to Almira, is in love with her, and she has the same secret feelings for him. Consalvo’s son, Osman, who has been courting Princess Edilia, now hopes to marry Almira and thereby become King. Edilia is in love with Osman, and tries to force him to honor his commitment to her. Princess Bellante also loves Osman, but cannot attract his attention. Raymondo, a mysterious emissary from Mauretania, is another of the Queen’s suitors. A series of misunderstandings ensues, drolly observed by the servant Tabarco.

—Gilbert Blin and Ellen Hargis