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Festival Concerts

Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 11pm

Erin Headley, director

In Carmine Dolore: Ancient Classical and Biblical Laments of 17th-century Rome
Emmanuel Church

Evocatively staged in rich and lustrous costumes based on the school of Caravaggio, these macabre, sensual, and often erotic narratives of spiritual ecstasy, extreme grief, and repentance, accompanied by a sumptuous continuo, promise an otherworldly atmosphere and a fully immersive experience for late-night listeners. Erin Headley and her ensemble Atalante take their inspiration from the lirone, an ethereal-sounding, multi-string bowed instrument with a unique power to “transport the soul and elevate the spirit.” The music’s extravagant and exaggerated excess of emotion and expression would later come to be known as “Baroque,” and it all began in Rome.

Erin Headley, director, viola da gamba & lirone; Nadine Balbeisi, soprano; Theodora Baka, mezzo-soprano; Kristian Bezuidenhout, harpsichord; Siobhán Armstrong, arpa doppia; Elizabeth Kenny, chitarrone


"Breathtaking performances of delicious music."