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“There’s nothing quite like the Boston Early Music Festival… mainstream repertoire tends to be cherry-picked by musicologists; brilliant music like this has to be rediscovered.”

The Boston Herald


Boston Early Music Festival: June 12-19, 2011

Keyboard Mini-Festival
directed by Peter Sykes


Friday, June 17 | First Church in Boston

Tickets are still available! Online sales for this concert have ended. Tickets will be sold at First Church in Boston prior to the performances. You can purchase advance tickets on Wednesday or Thursday by visiting the BEMF Welcome Center at the Radisson Hotel Boston or calling 617-868-BEMF from 9am to 4pm.

PART ONE | 9am-11am
The Harpsichord Peter Sykes & Luca Guglielmi

One of the most distinguished keyboard artists performing today, Peter Sykes will present, among other works, a keyboard transcription by J. S. Bach of a trio sonata from Reinken’s Hortus Musicus. Bach took a piece for two violins and continuo and turned it into a convincing keyboard work: he retained the form of the dance movements, but completely reworked the fugal movement, transforming it into something only Bach could have written.

Luca Guglielmi’s contribution to the Keyboard Mini-Festival is entitled Harpsichord: “…appropriato al Cembalo”—Bach and Handel Arrangements. One of the most versatile and busiest artists of the entire week, Mr. Guglielmi will perform J. S. Bach’s arrangements of concerti by Vivaldi and Marcello, and of Bach’s own violin sonatas and violoncello suites, along with a keyboard arrangement by Handel of one of his own concerti.

PART TWO | 11:30am-1:30pm
The Fortepiano

Christoph Hammer

& Kristian Bezuidenhout

Christoph Hammer, historical keyboard specialist at the University of North Texas, has achieved an international reputation as a keyboard soloist and Lied accompanist as well as in chamber music. For this BEMF début, Mr. Hammer’s program, Ciarlattani—Mozart in competition, focuses on Mozart’s competition with Muzio Clementi on December 24, 1781, in Vienna, and with Ignaz von Beecke in 1775 in Munich.

Kristian Bezuidenhout’s presentation is entitled Dynamics and Articulation in Mozart: strategies for extrapolation. A study of Mozart’s keyboard music reveals a level of attention to detail concerning articulation and dynamics rarely matched by any of his contemporaries, especially when preparing works for publication. Mr. Bezuidenhout examines differences between the autograph manuscripts, first editions, and contemporary arrangements of some of Mozart’s best-loved works for piano to devise strategies for tasteful articulation and phrasing. He will be performing numerous examples from the solo, concerto, and chamber music literature.

PART THREE | 2pm-4pm
The Clavichord Michael Tsalka & Miklós Mikael Spányi

Michael Tsalka, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, has established an international reputation as an early keyboard specialist as well as a concert pianist; he is also a committed educator. His BEMF début program, From Cabezón to Mozart: Fantasies and Variations, will include tientos by Cabezón, variations by Sweelinck and Froberger, fantasies by C.P.E.Bach,the Aria variata by J.S.Bach, and two sets of variations by Mozart.

Hungarian-born Miklós Mikael Spányi concludes the
Second BEMF Keyboard Mini-Festival with a colorful début program for clavichord, including transcriptions, variations, and transformations of works by C. P. E. Bach, Beethoven, and J. S. Bach, including two fugues and two canons from the Art of Fugue. Currently on the faculty at the Oulu Conservatoire and the Sibelius Academy in Finland, Mr. Spányi is widely considered one of the world’s most knowledgeable and accomplished C. P.E.Bach scholars and performers.


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