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Boston Early Music Festival: June 9-16, 2013metamorphoses: June 12-19, 2011

Family Day

June 15, 2013, 3-5pm | Revere Hotel, 200 Stuart St, Boston

3pm - A Guided TOur of the BEMF Exhibition
The first hour of Family Day features a guided tour by one of our BEMF volunteers of the incredible assortment of instruments on display at the BEMF Exhibition, which have been built by some of the finest craftspeople from around the world.

4pm - Music for the King’s Court: Exploring the Early Winds
The second hour is an engaging and interactive presentation by David Coffin, during which he will domonstrate how the recorder works, where it comes from, and what it can do if you practice. This program is a variation of his scholl enrichment program that is presented in schools throughout New England.

School Enrichment Program
David CoffinMusic for the King’s Court: Exploring the Early Winds is the much sought-after School Enrichment Program presented by the Boston Early Music Festival’s Director of Education David Coffin. Imagine over 50 wind instruments on display in your school auditorium for your elementary school recorder players. In one hour David Coffin will demonstrate the history of the recorder, how it works, what it can sound like “if you practice,” and what other early wind instruments were played with it in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. From the curriculum frameworks, vocabulary, geography, science of sound, music, and of course, history are neatly integrated into his presentation. To arrange for an in-school presentation, please contact David Coffin.